Detective Services

Our Detective Network has the capability to conduct investigations simultaneously across the country in the shortest possible time period. With hundreds of trained investigators covering the entire length and breadth of this nation, we provide a single stop solution to your investigative requirements anywhere in India or in the world through our International associates. All officers’ works under the direct supervision of Mr. N.S. Chauhan, who is one of the pioneers of this profession, having an experience of over one decade and has proficiently handled thousands of cases over the years.

  • -Pre-Employment Verification Post-Employment Verification
  • -Due Diligence, Credit Worthiness & Competitive Intelligence
  • -Patent, Trademark & Copyright Mismanagement
  • -Frauds, Cheating & Embezzlements
  • -Undercover Operations
  • -Industrial Espionage & Counter Espionage
  • -Risk Analysis
  • -Asset Verifications



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